Furbaby Farms

Prospective Owners

There is a lot that goes into each little puppy. Buying a puppy is not a matter of coming to a store, seeing what's available and picking one. As much as you will be looking for your next family pet, we are pouring into our puppies care and development training. We first seek good health with proper nutrition. We also see to provide a variety of exercise and a lot of it. We have special tasks to develop their bodies physically, play time for social development. We keep the puppy area very clean.

Our puppies are not caged puppies that have had very little exercise or interaction with people or other pets. Just the opposite. And this take much more effort and expense. We do this because our hearts are in raising the very best puppies for loving caring homes.

Other things that effect price is whether we have boys/girls, color, and time of year. Christmas puppies do cost a little more, but not much more. We have the highest demand for puppies at Christmas time and just so many to go around. 

Pricing Information

- Pre birth deposits - $300 non-refundable deposit can be made after we have spoken and it's decided you definitely want one of our Shih Tzu babies based on our care, health, and beauty of our Shih Tzu.

- After birth and by 5.5 weeks of age, the non-refundable deposit to equal 50% of the total cost of the puppy.

- Final cash payment is due at 8 weeks. Pups are picked up by 8 weeks of age or when determined by breeder.

Payment options:
Initial deposits - Paypal - friend/family ONLY. If you use Paypal Goods/Services option, a 3% fee will be added.

5.5 week deposit - by check or cash in person.

8 week payment in person is cash only.

**Plan your vacations and holidays accordingly because puppies should not be socialized until after 16 weeks of age for best immunity. On rare occasion, I have offered to keep a puppy for $20/day. This would have to be discussed and not be expected.