Georgia Shih Tzu Puppies

~ From the ancient imperial palace of China to our loving home in Georgia! ~

What you can expect when adopting a puppy bred from
Georgia Shih Tzu Palace:  

* A healthy, happy, beautiful puppy that has been indoor raised in a clean loving home.
* A puppy that has received natural, holistic and alternative care whenever possible for his/her best health and immune system.   
* A puppy that was fed a top grade kibble.  
* A contract which specifically states both breeder and buyer responsibilities.
* A puppy with a health guarantee:  to 6 months old health guarantee against genetic health problems, a 48 hour vet check, and a 7 day against major viruses as stated in our contract.
* Mom, sometimes Dad and grandparents are on premises for you to see their quality, temperament, disposition and nice physique.​  

* Our Head Start Program includes Early Neurological Stimulation (SEE HEAD START PAGE For Full EXPLANATION), special flooring, opportunities to build cognitive, sensory and motor skills.  Statistically, a stimulated puppy produces a stronger immunity, smarter, more well adjusted pet at an earlier age.  
* An honest breeder  with continued support for our shih tzu puppies.  I also LOVE to hear updates and see pictures.  Health of our downline is important to know we are continuing to breed healthy puppies.  

We currently have a private FB page for owners to update with pictures and videos the life of their puppies.  It's an awesome experience to watch siblings grow up.
* A breeder who cares!  I also offer limited grief counseling.  Many of our new owners have just lost their shih tzu and are so grief stricken.  I would be glad to listen and give ideas of how others have dealt with their loss.  

* A caring breeder who'll help to find a shih tzu a good home should you no longer be able to care for yours.  Most of the time I have a waiting list for an adult dog surrender.  
* Clean indoor living -
Our puppies nor our adults live in a cold/hot garage or outbuilding.  They live indoors with us, enjoying our company through the day and night.

​​Beware of kennel pups that have had very little interaction.  Please see our Head Start Program page.   

We realize you are looking to find your next best friend and beloved forever furbaby.  For your benefit, I've written an article, Tips in Finding a Good Breeder and Healthy Petwhich is on the article page.  Please read it as it will give you a glimpse into our home breeding program, what we do and how we care for our babies as well as better know what to look for when interviewing breeders.

Just as you are looking for a good breeder, we are looking for families who'll be Responsible Dog Owners.  This includes training your dog to be a good companion to all including children and other pets, providing vet care and/or alternative care as needed and required by law and seeing your fury companion becomes a part of your family living indoors enjoying life to his/her fullest.

With the information on our website and your research, we hope you will realize that we do go beyond the norm.  We are not your ordinary breeder.  We generally only have 1-3 litters each year allowing ample time with each of our adults as well as each puppy.

Pricing:  (Includes Head Start Puppy Kindergarten Program)

Our prices will not be the cheapest that you will find on the internet. However, they are reasonably priced considering the high level of TLC we put into each little life.  We only accept cash, the Square, (buyer pays any/all paypal fees), Paypal Family/Friend option only.  Prices are subject to change at any time.  

While we try to guestimate weights with puppy charts and  a lot of experience, I have had unexpected sizes. I would have to say to you, don’t choose for size. Rather choose with your heart and love the pup regardless the size. Many variables beyond our vision plays a part in the size including genetics​​, diet, exercise over the course of the pups life.

We usually do not have any puppies by the time they are 12 weeks old but if we do, we will discount the puppy as we feel this is an important bonding time to its owner time. Prices are also subject to change depending on the economy and demand at the time.  

Petunia's last litter is Memorial Day, ready end of July.  Our fall 2018 puppies are expected in October. 2018, ready December.​​  To place a deposit, please see the Contact Us Page.

Thank you for considering one of our little Georgia Shih Tzu Puppies. If you are not 100% sure which puppy to choose, I encourage you to interview with several breeders and see the living and training conditions.  Just be confident that you are getting a healthy, happy, socialized pet.

Blessings in finding your next fury addition to your family,


Georgia Shih Tzu Puppies, 
where Shih Tzu are royalty all day!​

Does it matter if you buy a caged pet?  YES!  Please read this:

Calculates a shih tzu at 3 months old is 3.75 years in human years. 

If a human baby remains in a crib, unloved and uncared for, he/she will have emotional, social, physical issues possibly his/her whole life.  The care your puppy receives in his early weeks matters as well.  Get your next forever family member from a reputable breeder who pours a great deal of TLC into the life of each of her babies.  

​​They may cost a little more because much more time has gone into them.  But you will be glad ... because he/she will be more friendly, feel secure, physically stronger, be healthier, etc. 

See our contacts page for what other people are saying.​​

We love what we do!  We love our puppies!

Shih Tzu Age Human Year Equivalent
3 months = 3 years
6 months = 7.5 years
1 year  = 15 years
​2            ​24
3            28
5            36
8             48
​10           56
12           64
14           72
16           80

​​Milestones in the Life of the Shih Tzu

Before 3 weeks of age - the critical stage of emerging into life. Puppies are deaf and dumb for the first 3 weeks.  They depend completely on their sense of smell to find their mom, to nurse and survive.  Puppies open their eyes 10-14 days of age but is a bit blurry.

​Age 3 weeks- Vision comes in clear and their ears open. Initially, all sounds scary them. They need to be gently handled to develop a secure, strong character.

Age 6 weeks - Puppies are full of play and wonder. Their personalities start to show even the dominate, bossy character.  They begin to wean to softened food.

Age 8 Weeks - At this age, the puppy should be on almost a full diet of dry puppy food and be will weaned from mama. In some cases, a puppy needs more time and may not be ready until 10 weeks. Puppy teeth will usually be all in. If a puppy is at least 2#, he/she is ready for his/her new home.

Age 5 to 6 months - This is the teething age. Don't worry, you will make it through this stage by supplying your pup with ​high quality teething dog toys, which can be put into your freezer to make them nice and cold.

6 months - It is by this time that a female Shih Tzu will generally enter her first heat. It is strongly recommended to have your female spayed, if you will not be breeding her. This is also a good time to neuter your male. Doing so will greatly reduce the possibility of cancers and infections.  

1 year old - This is now the age when your puppy is considered to be an adult. If you haven't already done so, puppy food can be switched over to a high quality adult dog food.  Continuing to feed puppy food will result in unwanted weight gain. We highly recommend feeding a Shih Tzu home cooked food with no store bought treats.

2 years old - ​Routinely check your shih tzu teeth.  If they've not had a dental treatment by your vet, they will be ready for one.  If they have bad breath, have the vet check for loose teeth and have him pull them.

8 years -  Your Shih Tzu is now consider to be a senior dog . Feeding should change over to senior dog food and increased veterinarian visits will be among the needed changes