Georgia Shih Tzu Puppies
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If interested in any of our puppies, we ask you to first fill out the Puppy Owner Profile before an appointment is made for you to come visit our puppies.  See Contact Us link.

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There is a lot that goes into each little puppy.  Buying a puppy is not a matter of coming to a store, seeing what's available and pick one.  As much as you will be looking for your next family pet, we are pouring into our puppies care and development training.  We first seek good health with proper nutrition.  We also see to provide a variety of exercise and a lot of it.  We have special tasks to develop their bodies physically, play time for social development.  We keep the puppy area very clearn. 

Our puppies are not caged puppies that have had very little exercise or interaction with people or other pets.  Just the opposite.  And this take much more effort and expense.  We do this because our hearts are in raising the very best puppies for loving caring homes.  

Other things that effect price is whether we have boys/ girls, color, and time of year.  Christmas puppies do cost a little more.  But not much more.  We have the highest demand for puppies at Christmas time and just so many to go around. 

Please see our Contact Us page to fill out the form to text or email us so we can tell you what is available. 

The upcoming weeks, our website will be under construction. 


Jenny's Furbaby Farms Pricing Page

My friend, Jenny in Monticello, GA, has  gorgeous AKC Shih Tzu.  They are beautiful representations of the breed.

​Her sires are:

Copper (all red with Champion lines) Copper is 8.5#. 

Frosty is a 5# all white micro mini size Shih Tzu.  

Skids is a frisky red/white 10-11# male with Champion lines.

They ​all have made gorgeous healthy and smart puppies.  

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