Georgia Shih Tzu Puppies


I'm Sheena, 9 pound BLUE (black and silver) female.  I am retired and living the life of a queen with my new owners The Goin's Family

​​​I'm Shania, 8 pound black and white female.  I am also retired.  I thought I had died and went to heaven when Kayla adopted me. She spoils me terribly.  I think I'm queen of the house, prance with pride, but sweet, too.  
I am also retired.  My favorite spot is on top of a pillow.  Anywhere there is a pillow, I am on top of it!

I'm Yoda Joe. I was the kingly sire for many years.  I am retired and living the life of leisure right here at GSP.

I try to be king of my palace but it's hard with so many females telling me what to do.  I'm super sweet, independent and have a mind of my own.  Late at night, I prefer to snuggle close to someone.

By viewing our pictures, we hope you can see what a great life we have. You wanna know a little more about us? Just ask.

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Conyers, Georgia
Madman Milo, going to live with Barbara and John.

Petunia Noelle's is retired.  Ended 2 generations of excellent breeders​, 7.5-8#, tiny little imperial size Shih Tzu.  She is a funny girl with a lot of expressions.

She just has to have my attention and her favorite spot is laying on the arm of the sofa.  She's also great snuggler.

Her parents are Sheena and Yoda which are pictured below.​​  

The sire to Petunia's puppies is Jenny's tee tiny 5# Frosty.  Please see his photos on Jenny's link on our site.  

​Petunia and Frosty's last night is now - to be born Christmas Day.  

We are also known as Chinese Imperial Shih Tzu, Teacup, Tiny, Toy, Peking Palace Dogs, Standard Shih Tzu and Lion Dogs.

When visiting puppies, you are welcome to also visit with the parents so you can know what great personality, character, formation, size and life we have. Since people have been asking .... We generally do not open our home to show parents unless we are showing puppies.

Our prices start at $890 and go up to $1100.  Prices are subject to change and reduced for any who have not been placed by 12 weeks old.​​

By viewing our pictures, we hope you see what a great life we have.  You wanna know a little more about us?  Just ask.  ​​
Going to live with the Palmer's.  <3​​
Sassy Suzi, 8-10# range,
​Red and White. Retires in 2019.

Her sire is Copper from Jenny's fine Tzu crew.  ​​Please see his photos on Jenny's page on our site.

Sassy is retiring summer 2019.  ​​​

Georgia Shih Tzu Puppies will be retiring at the end of 2019. For those wanting one of our puppies but just waiting, please let me know so you may be place on our waiting list. ​When I do not have beautiful adorable puppies, the only breeder I recommend is Jenny. You can see her adult Tzu crew on the link I have provided here. Her sire, Copper, is the sire to Sassy's puppies.
Our retired shih tzu -
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