Georgia Shih Tzu Puppies

Items Available for purchase

Water Bottle and Stand  -  $37

We make water bottle stands which include the 16/32 oz water bottle.  These are a nice addition to your pets drinking and eating area. 
The purpose is to keep your pets face drier which prevents facial red staining.

There's less mess because pet will not sling and drip water.  I still put a little bowl under the spout in case any drip will be caught in the bowl.

All dogs whether young or old take to the water like a duck.  :)  They quickly pick up on the idea.  Our puppies start drinking from a water bottle at 3-4 weeks of age.

Similar stands sell online from $70-$130.  Water bottles alone sell for $10-15.  

These are made with our owners in mind.  Those who purchase a puppy will receive a discount on a stand.

​​Shipping is high, usually $15-20.  But you are welcome to send your address and we'll let you know how much it would be to ship.  Item will not ship until your check clears the bank.