Georgia Shih Tzu Puppies
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If interested in any of our puppies, we ask you to first fill out the Puppy Owner Profile before an appointment is made for you to come visit our puppies.  You may call or email us at

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Cost:  see our Pricing page.  Remember when it comes to cost that our puppies are given extra TLC and do a head-start stimulation program.  We feel this best prepares them for life.  

Estimate size:  Subject to change as they age.  Many things factor into their estimated size. ​​

Pictures of Minnie Mouse - we can id Minnie for her tall white front socks and she was born .2 ounces bigger than the others and she is still touch tad bigger. 
​1# 1oz at 2 weeks old. 

Minnie Mouse at 4 weeks old - her hair is lightening to a pretty blonde/golden color.  
At 6 weeks, Minnie is becoming lovely by the day.  Today, I heard her barking.  It was just a squeak but really cute!!  Tonight, she weighed 2# 8 oz which charts her to be +/- 10-12#.  Sassy is 11.5# and a great size so guess she will be much like her beautiful mom.  
Minnie belongs to the Reed family.