Prospective Owners of Jenny's Shih Tzu babies,

Pre birth deposits - $300 non-refundable deposit can be made after we have spoken and its decided you definitely want one of our Shih Tzu babies based on our care, health and beauty of our Shih Tzu.

After birth and by 5.5 weeks of age
, the non-refundable deposit to equal 50% of the total cost of the puppy.  

Final cash payment is due at 8 weeks. 
Pups are picked up by 8 weeks of age or when determined by breeder.
We are glad you found our website.  Our puppies are well-loved, stimulated and given excellent care by our family while here at our farm. 

Payment options:
Initial deposits - Paypal-friend/family ONLY.  If you use Paypal Goods/Services option, a 3% fee will be added. 

​​ 5.5 week deposit - by check or cash in person.

​8 week payment in person is cash only.  

​​Plan your vacations and holidays accordingly because puppies should not be socialized until after 16 weeks of age for best immunity.  On rare occasion, I have offered to keep a puppy for $20/day.  This would have to be discussed and not expected.​​

For questions or to talk with me, please text, call, or email.

Jenny's Furbaby Farms

Thank you for your interest in our Georgia Shih Tzu Puppies.  

​​We love what we do.  

​​We LOVE our babies!!!  

​​We love making the best puppies for loving, caring homes.​​​​​​​​​​

Please give us a day or two to get back with you.  We are very active with our 3 children and of course with all our furbabies.  We WILL get back to you ASAP.   ​
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Copy and paste this form into an email, text or FB message and I will get back to you with updated pictures, availability.

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Sex, size and color Preferences:​​​​​​​​​

How many hours a day will this puppy be alone?

How many Shih Tzu have you owned in the past?

Will you be able to PU your puppy when ready at 8 weeks of age?

Please state if you are a breeder or looking only for a pet. 

We only sell AKC registered puppies with limited registration.​​

Send the following information to us, please: