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Prospective Owners,

You are welcome to call, emailI or text me to talk about our TLC program. I love talking with people about what we do for our adults and puppies.

​​Note: Our next litter is expected to arrive
March 2018. Ready May-June 2018. 

​​We are thankful people are wanting our puppies and
appreciate the tender loving care we give to them. We think they are the best babies and deserve most excellent loving homes!!  They are worth the wait.


Reserve my spot in line to choose a puppy list - If you are ready to commit to getting a puppy from us and are ready to place a $250 non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot in line for the next available puppy then please fill out the Puppy Owner Profile.  

your specified puppy preference is not produced within the next year, your deposit will then and only then be refunded.  If we have produced a puppy with your preferences but you decline the next available puppy, your deposit is not refunded.  Also, note too narrow a preference may not give you a puppy you could otherwise have.

Once the puppies are a few weeks old, another non-refundable deposit of $250 non-refundable deposit due on a specific puppy (at 5-6 wks old) at no later than 6 wks.  
The balance will be due in cash when you pick up the puppy at 8 weeks of age or when the puppy is ready according to the breeder.

​​If you do not pay the 2nd installment by 6 weeks OR you do not pick up the puppy by the specified date, the puppy becomes available again and any deposit placed will be lost.  

​​We have a triple health guarantee as stated on Puppy TLC page and the contract.

We encourage you to read the whole website to become familiar with our home breeding program.  Our puppies are well-loved, stimulated and given top care.  We feel they are worth the wait.  

Payment options:
Cash, Paypal-friend/family ONLY, Or the Square with service fee of 3%.  If you use Paypal Goods/Services option, a 3% fee will be added.  Cash is preferred for the payment when puppy is picked up. 

​Checks are fine for the first Reserve Spots in Line deposit only. 

Plan your vacations and holidays accordingly because puppies should not be socialized until after 16 weeks of age for best immunity.  On rare occasion, I have offered to keep a puppy for $15/day.  This would have to be discussed and not expected.​​

For questions or to talk with me, please text, call, or email.

Cindy and the Tzu Crew

Facebook: Georgia Shih Tzu Puppies - please like my page to receive updates - and this is where puppy pictures are placed.

Thank you for your interest in our Georgia Shih Tzu Puppies.  

​​We love what we do.  

​​We love our babies!!!  

​​We love making the best puppies for loving, caring homes.​​​​​​​​​​
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The Puppy Owner Profile is usually filled out AFTER we have spoken over the phone and you feel comfortable with me as your breeder.  

After receiving your POP, I will look over it and we can discuss when to place a deposit.  I want to be able to answer any questions before you actually place a deposit. 

Filling out this form does not ask you to send money now.  We will plan for that later.  This just states you are ready and want us as your breeder. 

I hope this helps any confusion.  ​​​​  ​​