Georgia Shih Tzu Puppies
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Clarabelle below is 4 weeks old.  She is the tiniest one in the litter, but she doesn't know it.  Currently charting to be 6.5 - 8#.  She was the first to drink from the water bottle.  

Pictures of Clara Belle - @ 2 weeks old, Belle is the smallest.  At 2 weeks, she is under 13 ounces.  Being smaller, she tends to get rooted off and not get the nutrition the others get.  But she is still growing appropriately at .5 - 1 ounce a day.  ​​
Belle (to be Bella) at 6 weeks is still the darkest female.  A little more quiet than the others.  Almost like she is contemplating her next move.  May be tiny but she is a smart one.  Tonight Belle weighs 1# 11.5 oz which charts her to be 6.5 - 8.5#.  Will be interesting to see what their sizes truly end up being at 2 years old.  Belle's is going to be a ray of sunshine for the Rey family.  :D