Georgia Shih Tzu Puppies

About Us:  Mike and Cindy
For those interested in knowing more about us, the human part of the family, thought I'd share a little.
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Mike and I have been happily married for 33 years.  We have 3 beautiful daughters, 3 wonderful son-n-laws and the most beautiful grandbabies ever!!   The best times in life are when we are all together laughing and having fun. 

We love the mountains and the beach but for weekend fun we go antiquing. We currently enjoy collecting specific glassware, M&M candy dispensers, and cake plates. 

Where did dog breeding come into play?  We've always had a passion for our fury friends.  We've owned many breeds, big and small.  Mike has a passion for Siberian Huskies and started rescuing huskies. 

We thought about breeding huskies because of our passion.  Upon research we decided there were too many huskies who needed rescuing!!!  It's so sad to hear how people give them up because they didn't understand their destructive, wolf like personality and nature.  We have greatly enjoyed watching them run and listening to their beautiful howls occasionally at night. 

Our first Shih Tzu was from Atlanta Pet Rescue, a beautiful white and gray Shih Tzu male.  He stole our hearts with his princely personality!!!  Could this be the kind of dog we'd breed?  We then studied whether Shih Tzu would be the best choice or another small lap dog.  We learned that very rarely is a healthy Shih Tzu or any tiny lap dog found in rescue. And local animal control gives pure breds, nearly all small dogs to rescue rather than back to the community.  Seems more people want little lap dogs than could ever possibly be available. We learned that Shih Tzu routinely every year make the top 10 favorite dog list.  They are hypo-allergenic, low shedding.  They typically are not as hyper as terriers, chihuahuas, poodles, and maltese (breeds I am familiar with).  The longer we had Murphy, our first Tzu, the more we fell in love with the breed as a whole. 

Mike and I then sought out to buy one breeding female.  We searched all over Georgia, driving 4-5 hours to rule out another kennel due to dirty living conditions or the PARENTS of the puppies were ugly and weirdly shaped.  I tell you the truth, nearly all puppies are adorable.  You have to see the parents!  We found a great breeder in Griffin. She's become a great friend and breeding mentor. We ended up buying 2 females.  A few months later we purchased Yoda Joe, our kingly sire.  During the next 2 years I spent a great deal of time loving and training our new family members but also researching what it takes to breed and whelp and nurture quality Shih Tzu puppies.  What experiences we've had!!!! Our first litter was born in 2007!!  What incredible joy we've had in delivering healthy, well adjusted Shih Tzu into super loving homes!!!!!!!  We do what we do because of the smiles and wonderful feedback and changed lives we hear from our new owners. 

Our current breeding furbabies:

Tanzie - born 2012 is our fun loving, passionate, wanting attention new Mama. ​​For all the attention she wanted us to give her, she's now pouring into her little puppies.  Her first litter was born August 8, 2014.  Tanzie is the daughter of Shania and Yoda Joe, born here at GSP.

Petunia Noelle - born 2013 is our ​​tender hearted, itty bitty Petunia.  We hope she gains enough ​meat on her bones to have puppies next year - 2015.  Looking for a tiny male for her as she's just 7.5#.  Daughter of Sheena and Yoda, born here at GSP.

Madman Milo - adopted September 2014 at 4.9# (now 5.8#).  Milo is now 2 years old and anticipated father of both Tanzie and Petunia's future litters. He has an independent spirit but oh how he loves to be petted.  Greatness comes in tiny sizes. 
We have purchased several other shih tzu whose quality, size or disposition wasn't what we were wanting. We then found it a happy home.  It is very very difficult to raise up the next perfect breeder then decide they not work out.  

​​Our goal is to raise up the BEST puppy for our owners in health, quality, disposition and size.

I assure you not every breeder would go through this. They breed whatever they have and sell inferior puppies unbeknown to customers.  Please seek a reputable breeder. 

​​This has been a family experience, working together, in order to deliver to the best homes our home-raised, home bred healthy happy puppies. I am thankful for our family who helps us.  And we all love what we do!!!! 

Statistically, kennels loose 25-30% of their puppies due to various reasons.  Of all we've had, we've lost two to an unknown cause.  We've had some close calls, had a lot of sleepless nights and have worked long eager hours to save lives.  Our vet knows us very well. 

Why do we work so hard to save a life?  Because we feel God has entrusted us with each life born here at the Georgia Shih Tzu Puppies.  If God trusts us, we are to be the best stewards possible of His wonderful creation.  In saving the life,  much blessing is bestowed to the families who adopt. 

There is one little life in particular that will never ever be forgotten.  His name was Superman - Clark from the Smallville litter.  I worked with him, held him, snuggled him as he was going down trying to save him.  He looked right in my eyes so helplessly until his last fleeting breath faded out of him.  It's much better having the memory of delivering healthy happy puppies than loosing one.  I will do ALL in my ability to continue to learn how to deliver healthy puppies, intensive care procedures while keeping dam and sire healthy. 

How healthy are our babies?  Very!  Our girls come from a healthy breeding stock and our owners who report to me say how healthy their babies are.  The Shih Tzu breed are known to have very little health issues.  They typically live to be 14-16 years old. 

Thank you in considering a Georgia Shih Tzu puppy as your next forever fury family member.  
We love building relationships with our owners.  We love what we do!