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Georgia Shih Tzu Puppies!! 

2 available MALE puppies, black or black/brown highlights.

​  See contact us page to be on the Reserve My Spot to Choose a Puppy list.​

Each little life born here at Georgia Shih Tzu Puppy Palace is a precious gift from God above. We are committed in giving our best love and care for each gift we are blessed with. We are known for the special hands-on care and training we give our babies.  If you are looking for a good breeder, please read further.

We are HOME BREEDERS, taking care of our little ones inside with a lot of love and attention. Our pets are our family members. They are all a part of our family, watching TV when we watch TV, sleeping with us, etc. They are very spoiled with tender loving care.  The same is true with our puppies.

Please see our PRICING page to see what to expect when adopting a puppy from us.  Be sure to read about our  HEAD START Program  on the same page.

We also make and sell Water Bottle Stands and CrateTable Tops (1 left) to convert a dog crate to a nice end table as listed on our PRODUCTS page.  

Our goal in breeding is for health and sweet disposition. 
We put a lot of TLC into each little puppy with the purpose of delivering the best, healthiest, happiest furbaby to wonderful loving families.  By viewing our pictures, we hope you can see what a great life our dogs and your puppy have.  You wanna know more about us? Just ask.

If you want to be put on our WAITING LIST, please send an EMAIL stating your preferences in a puppy.  We will stay in touch through the pregnancy and delivery.  ​​ And enjoy staying in touch for the life of our babies. 
As of Fall 2015, we do not have any puppies available.  The waiting list is for Spring 2016 to Fall 2016.​                  678-232-9079

Conyers, Georgia
- about 25 minutes from Atlanta, near I-20.

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​Please note, to be on our waiting list, you need to send me an email.​

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~ Where our fury friends live like royalty as if they were still in the Imperial Palace of China! ~
Conyers, Georgia